OUR MISSION is to provide the public with a Southern perspective of the War Between the States and to educate all generations on the history of the War and its ongoing legacy.

The truth about the South’s struggle to form a new nation is under attack as never before. The National Battlefield Parks have be taken over by the “it’s all about slavery” provocateurs. Museums have changed their collections and interpretations to present what they call the cultural history of the War for Southern Independence. In reality, this new perspective is nothing more than a rewrite of the story of the South. The forces of political correctness are in high gear as they attempt to ban any and all things Confederate through their ideological fascism.

 We now have at least one place where the people of the South and others who seek to learn the true history of the Southern people can go to receive an accurate account of why so many struggled so long in their attempt to reassert government by the consent of the governed in America!

The National Confederate Museum

Confederate Soldiers
Southern States
Southern People