The time has come for us to step up our efforts toward the building of our Confederate Museum and new office building. At the GEC meeting on July 21, 2010 the GEC approved a new initiative to raise funds. There are three levels of donations/contributions. Each contributor will receive a pin designating them as a Founder of the Confederate Museum. Also in the Museum will be a list of names of all Founders. This can be a plaque on the wall or even names inscribed in brick depending on the construction design. Anyone can take part in this, they do not have to be an SCV member. Camps, Divisions, UDC chapters etc. can also take part.

      Also donations can be made by multiple payments over a period of time. The form has been updated for Founders to list how they want their name listed.

This opportunity to be a Founder will expire, 31 December 2017 (those paying buying istallment, must complete payment by this date.)

To make payment contact GHQ at 1-800-380-1896   - get the form HERE

Stonewall Jackson Level
  Contributors make a donation of at least $1,000. They will receive a Stonewall Jackson level certificate and lapel pin.  

Robert E Lee Level
Contribution of at least $5,000. They will recieve the Robert E. Lee level certificae and lapel pin. They will also receive a desk size bust of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.

Confederate Cabinet Level
Contribution of at least $10,000. They will receive a Cabinet level certificate and lapel pin, as well as a Jefferson Davis tribute rifle.

The National Confederate Museum
at Historic Elm Springs
Sons of Confederate Veterans