The boyhood home of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest in owned and operated by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Chapel Hill, TN. This property will be one of the satellite campuses of the The Confederate Museum being built at the SCV Headquarters in Columbia , TN at historic Elm Springs.
The property and house were continually occupied until the 1970s when the State of Tennessee acquired the historic site.  Plans called for its restoration and association with nearby Henry Horton State Park. Finances and politics prevented the completion of the project and the house lay idle until it was transferred to the S.C.V. in 1997.

The property consists of 50 plus acres, a circa 1825 two story log and frame house, a double crib log barn, a log corn crib, and the remnants of a frame smokehouse.  A stone-lined well and limestone fence are still in existence.  Between the house and barn is the remains of a small rectangular growing plot that was possible the Forrest family garden.  A limestone cavern is located nearby.  An amazing number of the houses architectural details, which are contemporary to Forrest,s occupation, are still intact.  These included the mantles over the two fireplaces, staircase and railings, windows and doors.   The site is an excellent representation of a mid-nineteenth century rural Tennessee or Southern farmstead with amazingly little or no intrusion from the twenty-first century.

The National Confederate Museum
at Historic Elm Springs
Sons of Confederate Veterans